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October is Archaeology Month in Mississippi!
Archaeology month activities include public talks on archaeology and archaeological methods, visits to ongoing archaeological fieldwork projects, site tours, and even fieldwork opportunities. Click here to view a schedule of events. Click here to print your invitations.
The Winterville Site
Explore the Mississippian culture of the 23 mound Winterville site and join Dr. Edwin Jackson's archaeological team as they make several excavations into the incredible 43 acre plaza. Click here.
Indian Mounds Page
Begin your exploration of Mississippi's Indian Mounds Trail by clicking here.
Word Of The Day: Three for the weekend 4/29-30 and 5/1/16
OLIGARCHY: A political term describing a system whereby a small group of people have control. It can mean a small group in charge of a Native American setting, very likely the governmental form of political leadership used by the Mississippi Culture. LOUIS JOLLIET: 1645-1700(?), A French Canadian explorer, most remembered for the 1673 trip with Marquette an they explored the Mississippi River going south from Canada to about 435 miles from the Gulf of Mexico. He returned to Quebec. pH: A numerical scale to specify the acidity or alkalinity of a solution. On this scale 7 is neutral and increasing on the scale with increasing alkalinity and decreasing with increased acidity. Comes from "p"otential of "h"ydrogen as it relates to the activity of negative hydrogen ions.