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The Beaverdam site consists of two earthen mounds and a large village located on the east bank of Beaverdam Lake. Additional mounds may once have been present along Beaverdam Lake to the south. Currently, Mound A is 11 feet tall and is rounded in shape, but early 20th century accounts describe it as a rectangular mound with a two-tiered platform, similar in structure to Mound A at the Evansville Site. Mound B, located about 140 feet southwest of Mound A, is now about 2 feet in height. Professional archaeologists excavated a portion of the southern slope of Mound A in 2013. They found that Native American people built the mound on top of a Late Woodland Period (ca. AD 400-1000) occupation. The Late Woodland occupation included a midden deposit nearly 30 inches thick followed by a living surface that had been burned. The mound was later built in stages during the Mississippi Period, ca. AD 1200-1600.